What to Look for in a Portland Restoration Company

Catastrophes can bring a lot of damage to your home. If you live in Portland, there is a big possibility that your home can experience water and storm damage when a strong hurricane strikes again. When your home becomes flooded, you need to call a Portland restoration company that is knowledgeable in restoring your valuable assets and repair the damage brought about by the storm or hurricane.

Bacteria and fungi love to stay in damp areas that might lead to skin infection and various diseases. Before it can happen, you should be prepared for the worst case scenario when flood inundates your home.

Here are some tips on what to look for in a Portland restoration service provider to ensure high quality performance.

1. Always look for a Portland restoration company that is versatile, like http://www.bridgeportrestoration.org. Apart from providing you water damage services, it is also an expert on storm damage, mold removal, contents cleaning, and fire and smoke removal. If you can find a company that offers these services, you are on the right track.

2. They should be equipped with modern equipment for water damage such as dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, floor dryers, and extraction equipment.

3. They are quick to respond during emergency situations and their technicians can repair the water damage and reconstruction in less than a week because a delay in their response will lead to additional problem like mold damage.

The Portland restoration company is experienced in restoring your damaged property and valuables back to their original condition. Upon your request, they send their team to your home to conduct an ocular inspection and see the extent of the damage. The deconstruction and restoration process can take a day or two depending on the severity of the damage because they have to clean up the contents, followed by drying of the structures, then dehumidify and sanitize the area to make sure all bacteria are totally destroyed.


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